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Computerised Accounting Software

Technology has become a major player in our day-to-day professional life. We use Information Technology (IT) in almost every area of professional and personal life. As like other profession, accounting has also changed dramatically by using IT software, tools and techniques. Computerised accounting has become more popular in recent days, and a number of small to medium size enterprises use commonly available computerised accounting software. However, the big companies and corporate organisations use bespoke accounting software. There are a number of computerised accounting software commonly available in the market for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). To name a few – Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Zoho, KashFlow and Paychecx Online [...]

VAT as an indirect tax

VAT is an indirect tax payable on consumption of goods and services in the UK by the final consumer. Usually the final consumer is a non VAT registered individual or a business. It is indirect tax, as it is not directly collected by HMRC. A VAT registered business must charge VAT to its customers. A business making more than £81,000 taxable supplies must register for VAT. There are many small size businesses, which are making less than £81,000 taxable supplier a year. Is it beneficial for them to register voluntarily? To understand the benefits of voluntary registration, it is important to understand different types of supplies. There are two types of supplies. 1. Taxable supplies 2. Exempt supplies. All [...]

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Corporate Governance

A number of times my learners ask what is the corporate governance and why it is important? I then thought of writing about it. Lets start from understanding the word ‘Corporate’ first. Generally Corporate means a company or organisation for making profit as it is all about profit making business. However, the term corporate means a large company or organisation which has a separate legal entity. The key elements of a corporate organisation is that it has limited liability which means that there is no individual held liable in case of any debt in company. In addition, corporate organisations do not have any individual ownership. Shareholders enjoy the ownership of a corporate organisation and participate in profits [...]

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